7 Ugly Holiday Sweater Ideas

7 Ugly Holiday Sweater Ideas

Ugly Holiday Sweater Ideas Annapolis MarylandWhen it comes to holiday sweaters, we have only one philosophy – the uglier, the better. In recent years, Ugly Holiday Sweater gatherings have become all the rage. Friends, families, and offices have all gotten into the spirit. Armed with a glue gun, felt, garland and some jingle bells, even those with the lowest craft aptitude can put together a clever creation. This year we hope to inspire with these Ugly Holiday Sweater ideas. With a little elbow grease and an open mind, this year you’ll be the hit of the festivities.

1. The Sprit Runs Through You

Easy enough: take a holiday plush toy, cut it in half, and place one-half on the front of the sweater, and the other half on the back of the sweater. Therefore, giving the illusion that the creature runs through you. It may seem a bit morbid, but it totally qualifies as ugly.

2. A Little Naughty

With some strategically placed reindeer or snowman noses, jingle bells or flashing lights you could find yourself on the top of the naughty list. Warning: this design may be a bit PG-13 and slightly inappropriate at work or your grandma’s house.

3. A Lot of Nice

For this design, go a little overboard with the frilly trim. Adorn your sweater with lots and lots of holiday ribbon and bows. The goal is a final result that could rival even the sweetest cupcake.

4. The Reindeer Who Had One Too Many

We saw this one, and we super impressed with the creative and cheeky design. All it takes is a felt outline of a reindeer and an abundance of holiday candy. When artistically positioned it looks as though your reindeer had one too many and cannot hold his sweets. Alas, we can all relate.

5. Out of This World Creation

In love with all things outer space? Why not pay homage to your favorite television/movie franchise? This you can Trek the Halls with an ugly sweater featuring your favorite Vulcan or Captain. Live long and party on.

6. Inspire Your Own Christmas Story

Take a cue from everyone’s favorite Christmas classic, A Christmas Story. Make sure to drink your Ovaltine and wear your safety goggles when creating this “Fragile” piece of work so that you don’t shoot your eye out, kid!

7. Raid the Ol’ Man’s Closet

Is your dear old dad too sweet to get rid of all those holiday ties you have given him through the years? Why not repurpose them into a festive, yet ugly sweater? Use them to create a patchwork tree or ornament. With his permission of course. Oops, should we have mentioned that first?

This year be the talk of the Holidays. Be inspired by these Ugly Holiday Sweater Ideas. Once you have completed your masterpiece, show it off at Stan and Joe’s. Want to see how ugly you can get. Honestly, the tackier, the better. Come on, now let’s get creative!



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