Local Bands in Annapolis You Love

Local Bands in Annapolis You Love

According to philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” And as Homer Simpson said, “I like music.” We agree with both. Music is an amazing way to express ourselves. At Stan & Joe’s we feel it is a great way to kick back, enjoy a few brews with friends, and let loose some steam. That is why Stan & Joe’s is committed to bring FREE live entertainment to our Saloons. To pay tribute to some of the awesome bands we have had over the past decade, here are some local bands in Annapolis we know you’ll love (if you don’t already).

past tense Local Bands in Annapolis

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Past Tense

While their name suggests it already happened, we can assure you that Past Tense always promises a good time to be had in the present, something to look forward to in the future, and fun memories of the past. They have been rocking the Annapolis area ever since they hit the scene in 2010. The band offers a mix of guitar-driven rock and roll, featuring tunes from the 70s to present. Like to party to all the hits you know and love? You now, the ones you crank up every time ya hear ’em on the radio. Come and enjoy the fierce energy of Past Tense!

shawn owen band - Local Bands in Annapolis

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Shawn Owen Band

Chill. That’s the best way to describe Shawn’s style and sound. You will get a clear sense of his versatility and passion in every performance. A professional snowboarder who turned songwriter, Shawn Owen performs 300+ shows per year as a solo performer and fronting the Shawn Owen Band. Come and check out their distinctive reggae/jam/ska/party vibe. Move to the sounds as Shawn lightly picks at the guitar while singing a beautiful falsetto one minute, the next as he rails into an all-out energetic expression of pure emotion. You will find yourself humming the super catchy original tunes for days as you look forward to the next performance!

swamp candy

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Swamp Candy

Low down and dirty. That is a perfect way to describe Swampcandy’s unique steel guitar, bass playing duo. And trust us, they take that as a compliment. These guys are an internationally touring team, playing primitive, raw blues. You will never see, feel, or hear pure emotion like these guys! Swampcandy plays a variety of originals, plus a couple of tunes inspired by their music mentors. Playing around Annapolis since 2007, this two give 110% every time. Experience their distinctive sound that is influenced by Delta Blues, Jazz, and Classical music. They are totally one of the bands you love in Annapolis. After one show, you will never be the same again!

the shatners

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The Shatners

A true feel good, toe-tapping, sing-a-long, party kinda band, The Shatners deliver good times whenever they play. They are a high-energy cover band that never stops moving and singing from the moment they hit the stage. Playing everything from Zac Brown to Meghan Trainor, this versatile band takes fun to the next level. Looking to have an all-out raucous good time? Annapolis audiences of all ages love to dance and sing the night away with The Shatners!

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Just like the original garage bands of your college days, Skribe delivers gritty rhythmic acoustic guitar strumming and plucking with powerful vocals. They keep it real, even adding a kazoo every know and again. Cuz, well, sometimes ya just need a kazoo. Skribe is one of those local bands in Annapolis. Ya just got to. They are an unpretentious, soulful band that draws inspirationAmericana & the 60’s garage rock spirit. They are raw, soulful, and dynamic. Sound like a recipe for a good time. What more could you ask for?


Have we got you craving a good time with some friends, cold brews and live music? Check out our calendar to see our full line-up of local bands in Annapolis. Make some plans, or an enjoy an impromptu night out on the town. Regardless, we’ve got the live music that serves as the soundtrack. And like the legendary Bob Marley liked to say, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” Come on into Stan & Joe’s and “Feel No Pain!”


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