The Best Bar Halloween Costumes

5 Best Bar Halloween Costumes for 2016

Ah yes, there’s a crispness to the air. The leaves are changing. Fall is upon us. We don’t even care that the days are getting shorter because we have only one thing on our minds… Nope, not the election – Halloween! Each year we wait in anticipation for this glorious evening filled with ghoulish delights and freaky sights. For some creating the perfect Halloween costume takes months of planning and crafting, for others, it’s done in a panic five minutes before walking out the door to head to the bar. Whether you are a planner or procrastinator, we have some tips for the Best Bar Halloween costumes.

pikachu costume Best Bar Halloween Costumes for 2016Gettin’ Pokey-mon

With PokémonGo! becoming an overnight success and reigniting the Pokemon fervor of years past, this is a great outfit. And while Pikachu might be the most popular, there are many to choose from. The great part is that you can go as detailed or simple as you want for these costumes. It is great for anyone in a jam or those looking to impress. It also works well in groups! So, grab your squad and make it a Pokémon themed kinda night. Gotta catch em all!

Donkey or Elephant?

While some might want to forget it, it is a presidential election year. Halloween brings out the funniest and most clever political costumes. And let’s be honest, we can all agree this has been one of the kookiest elections in recent history. So, why not embrace it? Slip into your snazziest power pantsuit; show off your best combover. Reach across the aisle and raise your glasses to toast to the greatest place on Earth (Stan and Joe’s)!

Neil Patrick Harris Halloween Sherlock Best Bar Halloween Costumes for 2016

Neil and David are big Halloween fans and have come up with some epic family/couple costumes over the years. This is one of our favorites.

Partners in Crime / Crime Fighters

Need a great costume idea for you and your boo or best bud? Why not try the classic dynamic duos? Batman and Robin? Bert and Ernie? Scooby and Shaggy? Sponge Bob and Patrick? Sherlock and Watson? Peanut butter and jelly? Mustard and ketchup? Mayo and relish? Stan and Joe? Okay, we have the last one covered, but honestly, there are a lot of options out there. Pick your favorite.

The Undead

Dressing as a Zombie will never go out of style and might be the best bar Halloween costume to date – it is easy. We have seen all versions, from zombie newlyweds to pregnant mamas, to complete undead families and limbless masterpieces. If you want to go all out, just ask a good friend who loves makeup to make you look horrible. Fun times.

sexy scrabble board - Best Bar Halloween Costumes for 2016

This is a sexy scrabble board. Didn’t know that existed…

Sexy Version of ______

It used to be that to dress up sexy for Halloween you had to settle for the Catholic school girl, nurse or policewoman. But alas, the options now are almost endless. Consider a hot slice of pizza or frisky french fries. Or, how about a decadent burger or alluring ear of corn? We kid you not; these are all real. Look, if you want to dress up like a provocative dinosaur who are we to judge? It’s Halloween, anything goes!

Spooky or Goofy

Everyone loves the scary classic costume: Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, The Mummy, or A Wicked Witch. These are classic and will never go out of style. Why not take these classics and combine them and create your own twisted version? It might not be the most original idea but classic is classic.

Our Freaky Festivities!

So, we encourage you to put on your best bar Halloween costumes and join us all Halloween weekend. We will be starting the fun on Friday with live music and great food and drinks and continuing through with Sunday brunch! On Monday, come into at West Street for Halloween open mic featuring musicians playing their favorite dead people rock ‘n’ roll. Or, head over to Edgewater for a special Halloween Happy Hour. You will have your fair share of opportunities to come in and show off your spooky or goofy creation!


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