The Emma Giles was a popular steamboat of her times; known in Galesville and throughout the region. The Emma Giles was one of 47 steamboats operating out of Baltimore in 1887. She made her maiden voyage to the West River on Friday March 27, 1891. This pier was one of her two main destinations. She played a major part in communications between communities, people, and merchants up and down the Chesapeake Bay. She traveled here until 1032 when she was converted into a barge. She hauled lumber from the booming port town of Baltimore to New Bern, NC for more than a decade. In 1951, she was sold to a Curtis Bay salvage yard and taken apart for parts. Today, her ship’s wheel hangs proudly on the wall in Memorial Hall.

This pier was one of her busiest stops. originally a warehouse and steamboat landing, passengers, livestock, and freight were dropped here from the late 1800’s all the way until the 1930’s. The pier was bought from the Tolchester Steamboat Company and renovated in 1932 when a restaurant was opened. Slips were added to accommodate boaters. “Molly and Dave’s,” as it was called by the locals, ran until it was sold and renamed, “Fisherman’s Wharf.” The restaurant sold again in 1971 and was renamed “Steamboat Landing.” The restaurant changed hands again in the early 2000’s when Dave and Angela Hysan bought it, becoming a local favorite and strong member of the Galesville community. The Hysans ran the restaurant until recently.

Newly purchased by Stan Fletcher and Joseph McGovern (of Stan and Joe’s Saloons) in 2018, the local saloon keeps hope to continue the tradition of a casual, friendly atmosphere.

Their motto: Lively, Local, Casual, Delicious.


Look for fresh local oysters in the winter and crabs & more come spring. Intermixed with fresh seafood, savory steaks, and simple, good food & service.

Delicious food takes time, so we invite you to sit back, enjoy a conversation, and enjoy the view. After all, that’s the reason we’re all here.

Thank you for your support, and God Bless America. Stan and Joe want to personally thank you for dining here. We & our staff take your time very seriously and appreciate you choosing to spend it with us. CHEERS!