Good service is not rocket science, neither is having a good time.


Stan Fletcher

Stan Fletcher (the senior of the two, so his name goes first!) has been slinging drinks in Annapolis for 35 years at such places as Armadillos, Fran O’Briens, The Ebb Tide, and more. A golfaholic, Stan balances his saloon keeping with his other love, music. His band, A Classic Case, can be seen all around the area and frequently at Stan and Joe’s Saloon. Look for his signature mustache and his shaggy hair (which annoys his balding partner, Joe!!) and stories of great golf shots.


Joe McGovern

Joe McGovern (aka Little Joe), a 25-year bartender, cut his teeth in Georgetown in Washington, DC before getting tired of being shot at then moving to Annapolis. Joe worked at The Paul Mall, Champions, Rumors, and LuLu’s in DC. Once he moved to Annapolis in the early 90s, he bartended at The Eastport Clipper, McGarvey’s, and The Rockfish. He also loves music but keeps it confined to the shower or karaoke. His beautiful wife, Tracy (Banquet Manager/Account Manager/and Sunday Football Bartender Goddess!), also tended bar at LuLu’s in the nation’s capitol, and she worked at The Boatyard here in Annapolis for years. Look for Tracy telling Joe to stop telling Rugby stories of his college days! As Joe says, “The older I get, the better I was!!!”